Human upcyte® Hepatocytes

upcyte-hepatocytes-pas-stainingThe liver is the main metabolic organ responsible for pathways such as glycolysis, glycogenesis, ureagenesis, as well as amino acid and lipid metabolism. The predominant cells type is the hepatocyte; therefore, cultured human hepatocytes are suited for in vitro metabolism studies.
Medicyte's upcyte® Hepatocytes are genetically engineered human cell strains, derived from single donor primary cells.

Benefits of upcyte® Hepatocytes at a glance:

  • Batch sizes up to 2000 vials per donor
  • >90 % plateability
  • Different donors available
  • Use in BSL1 laboratory
  • Absence of HIV, Hepatitis B and C and microbial contaminants

upcyte® Hepatocytes have been tested at each expansion state for:

  • Cell morphology
  • Viable recovery (~70% of the original viable cells frozen are recovered after thawing)
  • >90 % plateability
  • Markers: CK8+, CK18+; HSA+, AAT+, AFP-
  • Capacity for glycogen storage (PAS staining)
  • Inducible CYP activities

upcyte® Hepatocytes have been tested at later expansion stages:

  • Urea secretion (basal and stimulated)

We have demonstrated that upcyte® Hepatocytes show similar sensitivity to hepatotoxins to primary cells. Using upcyte® Hepatocytes during screening phases can exclude compounds at an early stage, which means toxic compounds do not reach animal testing stages. Save lives and money!

Tested Applications:

  • CYP Induction
  • CYP Inhibition
  • Genotoxicity
  • Basal toxicity
  • Cell-specific toxicity (e. g. compounds requiring drug transporters or metabolism)
  • HCV infection and virus replication

upcyte® Hepatocytes are provided in 2 ml cryo-vials with a minimum of 6x106 frozen cells per vial. Or we can pre-plate the cells for you and you receive the cells ready-to-use. Further information can be found here.
Our cryopreserved or fresh upcyte® Hepatocytes are at a later state in proliferation terms. You can plate the cells at a density as low as 30% confluence to achieve 100% confluence after 4 days. Further expansion will lead to the cells expressing senescence genes and the phenotype is lost.

Related products:

If you need any help – be it theoretical or practical, our specialists are happy to help and demonstrate in your lab the handling of upcyte® Hepatocytes.

To choose the most suitable donor (LOT#) for your specific application, please check our characterization table.
Please note: If you would like to grow your own stock of cells, we also offer cryopreserved upcyte® Hepatocytes at an earlier expansion stage under a license.

A protocol for use and a certificate of analysis is provided for each product. All cells have been tested for the absence of HIV, Hepatitis B and C and microbial contaminants (fungi, bacteria and mycoplasma), as well as the presence or absence of CMV. They can be used in BSL1 laboratory or higher.
Nevertheless, the cells - like all products of human origin - should be handled as potentially infectious. No test procedure can completely guarantee the absence of infectious agents.

Protocol of Use - Thawing

Protocol of Use - Trypsinisation

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Cat. No.
UH0-C00-0c04 upcyte® Hepatocytes cryopreserved
(1 vial > 6x106 frozen cells)
875.00 €

UH0-C0f-0c04 upcyte® Hepatocytes cryopreserved
(1 vial > 6x106 frozen cells), animal component free
1,275.00 €

UHp-C00-0c02 upcyte® Hepatocytes cryopreserved, for expansion
(1 vial > 1x106 frozen cells)
Product Details
UH0-MT0-0050 upcyte® Hepatocyte Thawing Medium
(50 mL)
25.00 €
UH0-MP0-0500 upcyte® Hepatocyte Pre-culture Medium
(500 mL)
285.00 €
UH0-ME0-0100 upcyte® Hepatocyte High Performance Medium
(100 mL)
75.00 €
UH0-MEf-K500 upcyte® Hepatocyte High Performance Medium
ready-to-use, animal derived component free (500 mL)
355.00 €
UH0-ME0-K500 upcyte® Hepatocyte High Performance Medium Kit
(500 mL)
255.00 €
UH0-MG0-0500 upcyte® Hepatocyte Growth Medium Kit
(500 mL) Sold only to human upcyte® Hepatocyte license holders.
335.00 €

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