Medicyte is a life science company specialized in the controlled, scalable propagation and standardization of human primary cell products.

The Company is currently located in the Technology Park of Heidelberg, Germany, where new and well-equipped product development labs and production facilities with an area of 300 m2 were established. Medicyte has developed unique and proprietary cell proliferation platforms that form the basis for novel cell-based research and drug development tools and future cell therapy products. In December 2011 Medicyte certified its quality management system to meet the criteria of the globally recognized standard ISO 9001. It underlines Medicyte's consistency and continuous endeavours to improve the quality of products and customer service.

Differentiated primary cells have no or only limited proliferation capacities. Medicyte's proprietary technologies, however, allow controlled proliferation beyond normal life span of primary cells without loss of their phenotypic or differentiation properties and without immortalization.

Medicyte's vision is to establish its unique technologies as gold standard and preferred source of cell-based products for research, industrial development and therapeutic applications.

The Company is ideally positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for well-characterized primary cell products.



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